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Hotel Projects


Grand Hyatt, Seoul

19F, 20F Presidential Suite Room, Guest Rooms

Suites, Guest Rooms 10F, 11F

Lobby, Banquette Hall 2F

Guest Rooms 17F, 18F and 19F

Japanese Restaurant TENKAI

Chinese Restaurant,


Delicatessen , HELICON

Club Olympus

Terrace Cafe

Guest Rooms 12F & 14F

Guest Rooms, 3F, 5F, 6F, 7F

Lounges 15F, 17F

Men Sauna

Ladies Sauna Terrace Cafe

Guest Rooms 12F & 14F,17F~19F,

Akasaka Main Dining Room

Guest Room, Baccarat


Banquet Reservation Rm

Business Center, 2F Office

EXE. Suite Mock-up

Banquet Reservation Office


Park Hyatt Seoul, Seoul

Lobby, EXE-Suite Room,

Guest Rooms Public Areas

Lobby and Public Areas

Deli and Restaurant


Hyatt Regency, Incheon

Lobby, Business Center

7,8,9F Gust Room


Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul

Guest Room, Buffet Restaurant


Guest Rooms 10F, 11F, 12F,

Matthew House

Guest Rooms 7F, 8Fand 9F

Oriental Restaurant, Cafeteria

Lower Lobby,

Buffet, Restaurant,

Guest Rooms 3F, 5F, 6F

Cascade, Sky Lounge and

Bar Starlight, Emerald House

Night Club Jesty Dance Bar

DEL VINO Wine Cellar

Lobby, Buffet Area


W Seoul-Walkerhill

Vista Hall(Convention Hall)

Kitchen cafe


Low Lobby


Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul

Main Entrance Lobby

Chinese Restaurant

Main Entrance Lobby

Guest Rooms 18F

Suites, Guest Rooms 18F & 19F

12F, 14F, & 15F

Delicatessen, Wedding Hall

Guest Room 5, 6F

Chinese Restaurant B1F

Guest room-1, Guest room-2


Westin Chosun Beach Hotel, Busan

Guest Room

Lobby Lounge


Swiss Grand Hotel, Seoul

Buffet, Delicatessen, Cafe,

Fithness Club, Japanese Restaurant,

Chinese Restaurant, Function Room

Lobby Lounge


Radisson Seoul Plaza Hotel, Seoul


Chinese Restaurant, Banquet


Hilton Hotel, Seoul


Hotel Sofitel Ambassador, Seoul

14,15,16, 17, 18F Guest room

Lobby Lounge Snack Bar


Novotel Gangnam

Gran-A P.D.R


Cheju Shilla Hotel, Seokwipo

Guest Rooms

Supper Club, Suite Rooms


Dragon Hill Hotel, Seoul

Delicatessen, Restaurant


Hotel New Young Nam, Taegu

Lobby, Coffee Shop, Yuppy bar


COEX Inter· Continental Hotel, Seoul

Suite Rooms


Inter Continental Hotel, Seoul


Hilton Hotel, Seoul

Health Culb, Cafeteria

Chinese Restaurant


Kyungju Hilton Hotel, Kyungju

Pub Restaurant


Hanmu Hotel, Seoul

Lobby , Chinese Restaurant


Pukok Tourist Hotel, Pukok

Lobby, Sauna


Paradise Hotel, Pusan

Japanese Restaurant,

Brand Shop, Italian Restaurant

Chez Shagall

Giorgio Armani Shop



Incheon International Airport  

Walker Hill Land Side Garden


Hotel, Incheon

Guest Room


IBIS Hotel

Public Areas

Guest Room


Ellui Hotel, Seoul

Lobby, Coffee Shop

Night Club, 12F Karaoke




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